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18pcs Hand Tools Multi-tool Kit Household Repair Tool Set Screwdriver – shoppingdirect24.com
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カスタマイズされた: いいえ

種類: Measuring Tape, Flashlight, Test pencil

種類: 組み合わせ

種類: ハンマー

種類: ペンチ

種類: スクリュードライバー

サイズ: 26 * 15 * 6.5cm

パッケージ: 場合

原点: (元 )

モデル番号: 17004551

DIY用品: 電気

ブランド名: sd24

アプリケーション: 家庭用工具セット


1. ESSENTIAL FOR ANY PROJECT – Tool kit comes with all the household essential tools you would need for almost all minor maintenances. Stalwart Tools are made from durable metal construction giving you the ultimate precision. Great for DIY projects or every day home improvements.
2. STORES CONVENIENTLY – This well-organized kit comes in a compact durable plastic carrying case that fits anywhere in your home, apartment, garage, or even the car. Carrying Case Dimensions: 10.24*5.9*2.56 inch
3. GENERAL USES – 18-piece tool set is designed to tackle most assembly, repair projects, or little emergencies around the house or office. Fixing leaky kitchen or bathroom faucets, hanging up pictures, or tightening up a loose screw on your bike, this tool set has everything you will need from hammering, screwing, measuring, and more.
4. SET INCLUDES – Flat-head screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Safety hammer for vehicles, Cutting Pliers, 2 meter Measuring Tape, Multifunctional Scissors, Electric Test pencil, Electrician tape, LED Flashlight, Allen wrench

Packaging including:

2M Measuring Tape *1
Phillips screwdriver *1
Flat-head screwdriver *1
Digital display electric Test pencil *1
Electrical tape *1
Multifunctional Scissors *1
Safety hammer for vehicles *1
Wire Cutting Pliers *1
懐中電灯* 1
Allen wrench *8
Box *1






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