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2.2L Sport Water Bottle Large Capacity Gym Training Water Jug 74oz Hal – shoppingdirect24.com
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水流法: 直接飲む

電源タイプ: 在庫がある商品

スタイル: スポーツ

形状: ハンドグリップ

商品名: Gym Water Bottle/Protein Shaker Water Bottle

プラスチックタイプ: PETG

野外活動: キャンプ

原点: (元 )

モデル番号: 16007004

モデル: with Bounce Cap, with Screw Cap

材料: PETGプラスチック

材料: プラスチック

2の特徴: Hydroflask Drink Bottle Tea Cups

1の特徴: 2200ml Water Jug 0.58 Gallon Gym Kettle

特徴: Safe tritan material, No smell, High temperature resistance

特徴: ストックされた

特徴: 環境に優しい

耐久性のある温度: 0℃-98℃

飲み物の種類: ウォーターボトル

認証: LFGB

認証: EEC

認証: CIQ

認証: CE / EU

認証: SGS

容量: 2200ML, 2.2L, 0.58 gallon

ボトルの口: Round with cover

沸騰したお湯: 適用されない

アプリケーション: Outdoor Travel Cycling Running Sports Water Bottle, Gym Kettle

対象者: 大人

防食コーティング: 装備されていない

1. LARGE CAPACITY: The 2.2L large capacity water bottle could meet your needs for more water intake, great for your daily basis. 2.2 liters fit inside the bottle. This corresponds to daily water intake. Transparent outlook,easy to check how much water you need to hold and how much water you have got. Perfect for pre or after workout water needs.
2. LIGHTWEIGHT BUT DURABLE: Made of PETG plastic, 100% DEHP free, BPA Free eco friendly plastic material which is lightweight food grade and safety for body health, more durable than other common plastic, easy to carry with the bottle loop, and the sports water bottle is thicker than others for longer period of use.
3. FASHIONABLE AND PRACTICAL: the sports water bottle is designed with anti-slip handle,therefore stable handle bringing advantages. Featured with flip top, more convenient compared with traditional twist-off water bottle top, and also leakproof to take for outdoor activities and office drinking.
4. WIDELY APPLIED: Can be used almost anything. Gym, bicycling, bodybuilding, weight loss, camping, travel, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, sailing and all other outdoor sports as well as home and office. We are very confident that you will love our bottle. It is a great gift to family, friends, lovers, and colleagues.
5. PORTABLE : 2.2L large water bottle with an ergonomic handle which makes you easier to carry it to hiking, camping, gym or for a whole day at the beach.

Product Name: Gym Water Bottle/Protein Shaker Water Bottle
Capacity: 2200ML, 2.2L, 0.58 gallon
Model: with Bounce Cap, with Screw Cap
Durable Temperature: 0℃-98℃
Features: Safe tritan material, No smell, High temperature resistance
Application: Outdoor Travel Cycling Running Sports Water Bottle, Gym Kettle, Protein Shaker Bottle, Hydroflask Glasses, Heat/Cold Water Bottle
Ideal for sports enthusiasts in Gym, Practice, Pre and post work out, Bodybuilding, Weight loss, Travelling, Exercise, Class, Hiking, Yoga, Camping, Running, Cycling, Biking, Jogging, Outdoors or others sports as well as at home and in the office.

2.2L sports plastic big water bottle






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