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20pcs HSS Carbide Burr Set Rotary Drill Bits Milling Cutter Grinder Ca – shoppingdirect24.com
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保湿ケアを行うことで、水分と油分のバランスを整えていきましょう。: 金属掘削

種類: ツイストドリルビット

全長: 約40mm

サブタイプ: ドリルセット

シャンク径: 約3.1mm

原点: (元 )

モデル番号: 16001555

モデル番号: 20pcs

材料: High Speed Steel Solid Carbide

材料: ハイスピードスチール

項目種別: ロータリードリルビット

2の特徴: HSS Carbide Burr Set Drill Bits

1の特徴: Die Grinder Carving Engraving Tool

特徴: Grinder Carving

DIY用品: 金属加工

認証: RoHS指令

認証: FCC

認証: CE

ブランド名: sd24


High Quality: Tungsten Burr set, High Speed Steel, stay sharp longer than the cheap, lower quality burs.
20 Different Bits: Each Burr is shaped to fit different angles or situations, fits Tool, meet most of your drilling needs.
Diameter of Shank: Shank diameter: 3.12mm / 0.12in, total length: 40mm / 1.6in, high grade and the cuts of each bit make you feel that they have been designed with precision.
High Compatibly: The Carbide Rotary Files can work with most small rotary tools (like Dremel tool) for DIY carving fans.
Wide Application: Carbide Rotatory Burr Sets are perfect for softest wood, carving engraving, drilling glass / holes.
20pcs high speed steel carbide rotary burr in Assorted shape, fits Dremel Tool can meet most of your needs, for drilling holes, engraving, carving, wood working.
High speed steel Features as solid, can last for longtime, not easy to get wearing.


Item Type: Rotary Drill Bits
Model Number: 20pcs
Shank diameter: approx 3.1mm
Total length: approx 39mm
Feature: Grinder Carving
Material: High Speed Steel Solid Carbide
Sub-Type: Drill Set
Type: Power Drills

Tips: The Cutting heads are not very sharp tools, work in the softest wood well.


20 * HSS Routing Router Drill Bits






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