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20/40/55W Submersible Water circulating Pump Fish Tank Power Fountain – shoppingdirect24.com
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Nicrew 40W 2500L/H Per Hour 550GPH Submersible Water Pump Fish Tank Powerhead Water Fountain Aquarium Hydroponic Pond Pump
1. Nicrew submersible pump is ideal for fresh-water, salt-water, can be applied in aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic
2. This water pump is designed for reliability and ultra-quiet operation to provide years of service (Length of power cord:1.4M=4.6ft)
3. Reliable and ultra-quiet fountain pump, energy-saving and low power consumption
4. Suction cup mounting feet for either vertical or horizontal mounting. Contains no seals or messy oil
- Nicrew powered submersible pump is perfect for nano to medium sized aquariums, small ponds, water gardens, and desktop water fountains. 
- The small profile size makes the pump easy to hide or disguise 
- This aquarium pump is great for aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems. 
1. As this pump is submersible, and need to be put into water fully before power on to avoid the pump burning out.
2. If the pump is stuck by anything like Mud, garbage, sea salt, etc. need to be cleaned with clean water before use.
3. The operating temperature range:0-95℉ (0-35℃ )
4. Suggest to fill a 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch tubing/hose
5. Suggest for 132.09 Gal (500L) water
Specification1:  20W
力: 20W
電圧:220 - 240V
周波数:50 / 60Hz
最大流量:1500L / H 
H-Max (Lift height): 1.6M
Specification2: 40W
力: 40W
電圧:220 - 240V
周波数:50 / 60Hz
最大流量:2500L / H 
H-Max (Lift height): 2.5M
Specification3: 55W
力: 55W
電圧:220-240 V
周波数:50 / 60Hz
最大流量:3000L / H 
H-Max (Lift height): 2.8M
  1*Nicrew Water Pump
  3*Outlet Adaptors 






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