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6 in 1 Aquarium Clean Tools Kit Aquarium Net Brush Aquarium Algae Scraper for Fish Tank Cleansing Aquarium Accessories

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NICREW 6 in1水族館ネット水族館ブラシ水族館藻類スクレーパー水族館クリーニングツールキット水槽クリーナーアクセサリー

6 in1水族館クリーニングツールキット

This multi-function cleaning tool kit is specially designed for glass aquariums and has an extra-long handle to help keep your aquatic pets’ home clean and pristine.

The blade help to easily scrape all types of algae off glass aquariums.

Different angle sponges help to effective cleaning of every corner in your aquarium.

For hard to reach areas, extendable units are easy to adjust the handle length with a simple twist.


1. A stainless steel scraper removes dirt quickly and effectively from aquarium glass panes

2. Equipped with two different sponges so cleaning can be done with that perfect edge

3. No tools necessary for blade change or install

4. Extra long handle keeps your hand from getting wet


To ensure your fish stay healthy, it’s vital to ensure you keep the conditions of your tank optimal.

This multi-function cleaning tool kit can help to remove the dirt and maintain the delicate eco system in your tank.

Equipped with 6 components, this cleaning tool kit makes the cleaning easy and interesting.


1. Please be careful when using the blade
2. Please do not use the algae scraper on acrylic, plexiglass, or any surface other than glass.
3. Please rinse with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth after each use.
4. Please keep the algae scraper away from children and pets.


1 * stainless steel scraper
1 * shovel
1 * fish net
2 * different sponges
1 *ブラシ
1 * hexagon key and a extendable handle






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